Leave Pentabus a gift in your will

After you have looked after your friends, family and loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to Pentabus in your will. Remembering us will ensure that our rural theatre company continues for future generations to enjoy. Your legacy will enable us to fund village hall touring, work with young people and fund the core costs of our work across the country. You can leave Pentabus money, property or shares, as a fixed gift amount or a percentage of your estate. Even 1% can make a huge difference to us. 

As a registered charity, no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your gift. So in addition to supporting us, your legacy gift could also reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate. Anyone leaving a minimum 10% of their taxable estate to charity can qualify for a reduced rate, down from the usual 40% of taxable wealth to 36%.

We always suggest you speak to a solicitor about the range of options available to you when making or updating your will, you can also refer to legacy10.com or hmrc.gov.uk/inheritancetax

In-Memory Giving

Respecting and remembering a cherished relative is often a priority for family and friends. Many families choose to honour a family member by a gift to charity instead of sending funeral flowers. If enjoying Pentabus was a part of their life, you could choose to make us the beneficiary as a fitting tribute.

Thank you for considering Pentabus. If you would like to discuss anything further, please do email Verity