Alecky Blythe

Alecky Blythe did all the interviews and editing for the stories that made up the basis of Strawberry Fields. 

She created Time Out Award winning Come Out Eli (Arcola, BAC Critics’ Choice Season) at the Arcola which she is adapting to film with Film Four, and has produced  All the Right People Come Here (New Wimbledon Theatre, Summer 2005) with her own company Recorded Delivery. She also made the multi-award winning London Road, for the National Theatre which was made in to a film.

Overview of the technique used to create Strawberry Fields:

Alecky Blythe sought out a wide range of people from all walks of life, asking them for their thoughts on the topic and recording the interviews onto minidisc.

She edits upwards of fifty hours of material down, attempting to present as honestly as possible the range of people she found and the opinions they expressed.

In rehearsal, the actors work closely with the words on minidisk, becoming familiar with each train of thought, each turn of phrase. 

In performance, the actors, wearing headphones, listen to the edited interview and repeat the words exactly as heard – stumble for stumble, cough for cough, hesitation for hesitation, bringing the original speaker to life as fully as possible.