Nine new digital micro commissions, created in response to the provocation, it get's lighter from here, and the artist's rural context, will be released online on Monday 21st December 2020:

The Map is Alive by Andy Garbi

Ripples of Change by Sioda Adams

Wheel Walks: Moments ReFramed by Tanya Raabe Webber

Misrule Our Season by Jack Bigglestone          

Open Skies by Sam Holley-Horseman

gāst by Tom Powell

Freedom to Begin by Jane Bracey and Jill Davis

Threshold by Ollie Lansdell  

Ignition by Kate Pothecary, Abbie Lathe & Faith Brackenbury

On the shortest day of the year these new films will be shared alongside a further 200 pieces of 60-second digital content, created by artists and organisations from across the West Midlands. A mix of film, audio and digital artworks will be released throughout the day to transform the shortest day of the year into a region-wide celebration of optimism, happiness, creativity and hope.

It Gets Lighter From Here is an initiative co-ordinated by Culture Central.