An audio adventure through the streets of Ludlow.

Our Young Writers present audio plays inspired by locations in Ludlow. From places dripping in history to quieter, more personal spaces, STORIES FROM THE STREET is a unique theatrical experience.

Armed with a set of headphones and a map of the town, you'll visit each location and hear a story in that place, soaking in the atmosphere as you listen to a brand new short play written especially for where you are.

Each short play has been written by a young writer who selected the locations themselves and wrote their piece inspired by that location. The stories you will hear as you wander through the historic old town will take you from the fantastical to the personal, the humourous to the reflective.

A place is defined by the stories it bears witness too; some are remembered but most are forgotten.


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Dates and locations
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1 Apr 2020 13:03

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