Who would we like to hear from?

We want to hear from everyone – from writers and theatre-makers from all backgrounds and skill levels. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people who are from rural backgrounds, or have an original story to tell about rural issues or the countryside. Currently, we can’t accept scripts or ideas from writers outside of the UK and Ireland.

How many plays can I send in?

We have limited resources and a small team, so we can only respond to one script at a time. It can take up to 4 months for us to get back to you with feedback.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for current work which has something to say now. We want to see original imaginative ideas and thought processes, and a strong sense of craft and understanding of theatre as a form. We want to know what excites you, what you have to say, whether you are a writer or a theatre maker.

What should I be aware of when sending in my script?

We tour work to village halls and studio theatres, to fields and forests nationally. Our maximum touring company is four performers. We would like to read scripts which are an example of your writing in case we’d like to begin a dialogue with you as a writer, and to give you some feedback on your work. But we can’t produce scripts with large casts, a lot of bad language, or a very urban theme. We do not produce work which has already had a production anywhere in the world. We can’t re-read scripts which we have already read.

What else do I need to know before submitting a script? 

We are a flagship company for sustainable theatre so we only accept email submissions.

If your script has been produced before, please send us details of the production along with 20 pages of the script in order to give us a sense of you as a writer.

With your submission, please add a one page document which tells us a little about you as a writer or theatre maker, why you write, and what the rural means to you.

Priority will be given to artists who are genuinely rural, and those who are local to the Marches, Herefordshire and Mid-Wales.

You will receive a response from the team within four months, or if you don’t fit the criteria, an explanation of why we haven’t read your script.

If you would like to submit a script please fill out the online form via the link below.