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Kebab examines the sexploitation industry as it flourishes on the web. The play follows a trio of poor young immigrants to Dublin from Romania as they get caught in a lucrative trade of bodies, in the flesh and on film. It asks troubling questions about legitimacy and consent. A courageous piece of theatre, this was a powerfully acted production.

Leaving Romania to make it rich abroad, Madalina finds herself working in a Dublin kebab shop. Fortunately her boyfriend has a better prospect. She’ll be broadcast across the world and watched by thousands. It’s a new start and surely things will never be as bad as back home.

Kebab explores some of the harsher realities of immigration and what people are willing to give up in the hope of a better life.

Creative team

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Dates and locations
Date: Location: Tickets: Info:
27 Sep -
6 Oct 2007
Dublin Theatre Festival

Project Arts Centre - Cube, Dublin, Ireland

19 Oct -
3 Nov 2007
Royal Court

Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8AS

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